Hakka’s NEW Salt & Pepper Pork – labour saver, kitchen saviour!

Hakka’s NEW crunchy Salt & Pepper Pork have finally landed! At Hakka we understand the current labour challenges the industry is facing, so we have developed a product that saves time, minimises wastage and is sure to satisfy. Eliminating slicing & battering from your busy kitchen and ready to serve in seconds, this is the answer to all your prayers!

Hakka has formulated a recipe so versatile making it the easiest (and most delicious) product to include in your pantry of ingredients. Perfect as a standalone dish with dipping sauce yet easily customisable and dressed up or down to suit to any menu!

Serve them up!

  • with a serve of chips or sweet potato fries
  • tossed with spring onions and fried garlic
  • on it’s own with a side of wasabi mayo
  • with a sprinkle of Szechuan pepper
  • rolls, wraps, tacos, baos
  • sushi, banh mi or Vietnamese rice paper rolls
  • coated in a sweet & sour sauce
  • as a snack, entrée or main

Features & Benefits
✔ Pre-cut into strips allowing for endless applications across your entire menu
✔ Ready in seconds, no skills required
✔ Par-cooked for convenience
✔ No mess, no fuss. Eliminates the skill and labour requirements
✔Asian flavours yet so versatile for all menu ideas & occasions
✔ Australian Pork
✔ Frozen 2 year shelf life

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