About Countrywide

Our food service expertise

At Countrywide, our Vision is to be the Australian food service industry’s partner of choice.

Countrywide was established three decades ago by a group of Food Service Distributors to increase their buying power and level the playing field with the big corporate food service operators. Countrywide is a cooperative in the true sense of the word. Our cooperative business model creates the scale needed to provide stronger trading terms, industry leading buying and marketing programs, and Member Services that give independent family businesses a competitive edge whilst allowing them to maintain their identities. Because a cooperative is owned by, and operated for, the benefit of the people at the heart of the organisation rather than outside investors, we can focus on helping our Members succeed. For over 25 years Countrywide has proven the success of the cooperative model.

We believe in and are passionate about independent family-owned local businesses. Independent businesses help Australia be a better place for everyone. Servicing over 80,000 outlets across restaurants, cafes, clubs and pubs, hotels and motels, catering and function centres, workplace canteens, quick service restaurants, education, hospitals military and prisons, Countrywide strives to be the food service industry’s partner of choice.

There's more to us

Countrywide is proud of its inclusive and diverse workforce. We truly believe in the investment of our people and to see them thrive and grow in their roles. We strive to spread our positive values and culture throughout our group.

We aim to make Countrywide a workplace of choice. We embrace and value diversity and inclusion and the benefits they bring to Countrywide in achieving our objectives, enhancing our reputation, and attracting, engaging, and retaining talented individuals. We continue to invest in people, driving better skills and passion that helps to transform the Countrywide organisation.

We also place high importance on giving back to the community and making sure we can contribute in charitable endeavours. Throughout our Charity Partnerships, Countrywide organises many events and opportunities in which our stakeholders can contribute to these worthy causes.

Partnering for success

Our vision is that Countrywide will be the Australian food service industry’s partner of choice. Our mission is that we are committed to growing our partner’s sustainability through delivering innovative purchasing and marketing solutions and services.

Our Values


Our purpose is to create a unique solution that enables independent Members to operate autonomously whilst leveraging scale to drive greater profitability.