The Devondale range, just got more convenient. 

Devondale, is all about simple honest dairy, that begins with nature’s best. 

That’s why their products start with fresh Australian milk from happy, healthy, free grazing cows, to bring you what they believe is the very best in taste and quality.  

From their award-winning butter, now in a convenient new size, to the ultimate creamy stretch of our mozzarella, Devondale’s extensive foodservice range, is essential for every professional kitchen. So, whether your large or small, a café, pub, club restaurant or hotel, Devondale is a real crowd-pleaser, that’s sure to keep people coming back for more! 

Crafted by experts, their butter and butter blends are made from fresh Australian cream, double churned, to produce a creamy and rich taste, and high-quality texture. A delicious addition to your kitchen, their Salted and Unsalted varieties are now available in a convenient 1kg size – perfect for every occasion. Plus, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Devondale butter, tops the list for cooking and baking. Also available in handy 7g portions, along with 250g, 500g and 10kg blocks.   

A favourite in the kitchen and on the plate, Devondale Shredded Mozzarella is an Australian mozzarella. A creamy, milky, mild flavoured cheese with a superb stretch or the final touch on a brilliant dish – ideal for cafes and restaurants serving pizza’s, paninis and pasta bakes. Devondale Shredded Mozzarella is available in convenient 2kg and 6kg sizes to suit all your needs.   

After a versatile, fresh and high-quality Australian cream? You can’t go past Devondale Thickened Cream. Perfect for cooking, pouring and whipping, it comes in a 3L bottle with an easy pour handle. While, if it’s cream cheese you’re after, Devondale Cream Cheese is renowned for its rich, smooth, and mild taste, along with its superior creamy texture and fresh flavours. Available in a 2kg size. 

A must-have for all foodservice venues, Devondale Full Cream UHT Milk, delivers the quality of 100% pure, full cream Australian milk, with the convenience of a long shelf-life. Deliciously rich and creamy, with no added preservatives, Devondale Full Cream UHT Milk is sealed in a strong stay-fresh pack, that locks in the goodness of farm-fresh milk for up to nine months. Available in 150mL, 200mL and 1L varieties, to suit every need, when you need it.  

So, whether you’re baking a delicious treat with their double churned butter, melting their stretchy mozzarella cheese on a pizza, or even creating the perfect whipped cream, choose Devondale for high quality dairy that you can trust.