Mixing up the menu, one chip at a time, with Lamb Weston.

Australians have a legendary hunger for chips.

In fact, two-thirds of Australian diners declare chips as one of their favourite foods, with almost 60 per-cent ordering them more than three times a month*.

Our love of the chip means more than just make or break a meal. The right chips can open a world of opportunity, especially as Australians are hungry to try something new.

More than just the ideal upsell item (“Would you like fries with that?”), whether you operate a pub, casual diner, café, or local fast-food business, having the right chip on your menu can quite literally transform your business, one bite at a time.

Research by leading potato chip manufacturer, Lamb Weston, found 57 per-cent of customers would try new types of chips if they were offered, close to half said they wished they were offered a wider variety of chips, and nearly one in three customers said they would pay more for specialty shapes or cuts of chips*.

The magic to transform your business with the perfect bite is in every Lamb Weston potato, whether it’s their locally manufactured, or specialty imported products. The magic is what turns a humble potato into incredible possibilities, and the opportunity to mix up your menu with legendary mouthfuls that delight your customers.

From Steak, Straight and Crinkle cut to Beer Batter and Wedges, even within their chips range, there is a wide selection to suit menu styles, complement food offerings and appeal to your customers, old and new.

The extra crispiness and hold time for Lamb Weston chips is also perfect for innovating menu items, such as loaded fries. But it doesn’t end there; Lamb Weston’s crunchy hash brown patties, Twister curly fries, Criss cut waffle fries, and sweet potato chips all have magic in every bite.

The Lamb Weston magic is the culmination of over 70 years of experience, innovation and partnership. Lamb Weston are all about potatoes, proudly calling themselves the potato experts, and their range and offering is testament to that. And while the variety, shape and size might change, the delicious taste and crispy but fluffy texture won’t.

Set your menu apart and discover the magic in every bite of a Lamb Weston chip, and their full range of chips and potato products at www.lambweston.com.au/magic

*Lamb Weston 2024 Consumer Research “Fry Attitudes and Usage: Australia”, Benensen Strategy Group