Why Sunny Queen’s Meal Solutions can’t be beaten.

Sunny Queen’s ready-made Meal Solutions range cracks open a world of tasty opportunities. From stand-alone meals and snacks, to sides and on the go options, their convenient range has a solution!

Delicious and wholesome

Made with real eggs from their farms and carefully prepared by real egg lovers. Their frozen range is snap frozen, guaranteeing fabulous taste, texture and freshness.

Save time and money

Ready-made and able to be whipped up in a flash, every option in Sunny Queen’s Meal Solutions range offers real egg taste and texture, ultimate convenience and value for money (easy to store with up to 7 days thawed shelf life).


Created under the most stringent food safety protocols, their Meal Solutions are a faster, safer way to enjoy farm fresh eggs. Their food safety program is certified under the SQF program, which incorporates HACCP. All frozen products are pasteurised and fully cooked.

No waste, no mess, no shells

Diversify your menus, without upping the mess, waste and time spent in the kitchen.

Check out Sunny Queen’s wide range including Omelettes, Poached Eggs, Fritters & Quiches! Goodness comes in many shapes & sizes!

For more information visit https://sunnyqueenfoodservice.com.au/products/meal-solutions/