It’s Time to Frank Up Your Menu!

100 years young, they’ve been carving a name for themselves across the globe, spicing up the lives of hotels, pubs and clubs everywhere with a little thing called Frank’s RedHot®. Today, Frank’s RedHot® is the #1 Hot Sauce in the World* with rich, full-flavour and authentic heat in every bottle.

Patrons put Frank’s on everything — and for good reason. They invented Buffalo. It’s great on everything from sandwiches, schnitzels, pies, snags, pizzas, burgers, fries, cauliflower, pasta – and of course, WINGS. With a proprietary fermentation process that results in the Perfect Blend of Flavour and Heat™ time after time, Frank’s RedHot® brings unmistakable heat to almost any dish.

But how did they get to be so tasty, we hear you ask? Let’s take a little trip down memory lane…


The year is 1918 and over in New Iberia, Louisiana, Adam Estilette & Jacob Frank partner up to create a hot sauce perfectly spiced with a rich blend of cayenne peppers. Bless their spicy hearts, for this was the beginning of something BIG.

Fast forward to 1920, where the first ever bottle of Frank’s RedHot® is, well, bottled.

Time-travel to 1964, Anchor Bar & Grill in Buffalo, NY. The geniuses in their kitchen combined Frank’s RedHot® with butter and sauced up a bunch of wings. Little did they know, they’d just invented an American classic – Buffalo Wings. Fast forward to now and people are putting that $#!t on everything. And who can blame them?

Frank’s RedHot® is for everyone! Whilst they pride ourselves in being THE sauce for chicken wings (well, anything chicken) Frank’s RedHot® Original and RedHot® Buffalo Wings are completely VEGAN. So whether you’re catering to carnivores or herbivores, you can use Frank’s to spice up your wings, parmis, chips, pizzas and pretty much anything else you could think of!  


Frank’s RedHot® Original

Their classic cayenne pepper sauce delivers the Perfect Blend of Flavour and Heat™ with versatility for your entire menu. Made with five simple ingredients and available in packaging formats for your back of house, tabletop, and carryout operation, you can marinate, baste, dip and dollop Frank’s RedHot® on anything that crosses the kitchen pass.

Frank’s RedHot® Buffalo Wings

The Buffalo Wings sauce blend is a rich, buttery flavour with the signature Frank’s RedHot® Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce. Take the pressure off the back of house with this ready-to-use blend and save on labor — it’s ready right out of the bottle to toss and serve for authentic Buffalo wings (or cauliflower -you name it!)

So, if you’re a pub or club looking to give your products the edge that keeps customers coming back for more, Frank’s is for you! 

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Source: Euromonitor International Ltd.; Retail volume sales of hot sauces excluding chili pastes. Based on custom research. For more info visit