Try Farm Frites’ A-peeling Potato Range

With a proud family farming heritage of over 45 years, Farm Frites is a leading potato manufacturer, providing products to over 100 countries around the world. They aim to be at the forefront of global trends, striving to produce innovative, value for money products for their customers. Farm Frites Australia was founded in 2016, providing local expertise and personalised service to the Australian Food Service market.  

Farm Frites products are:  

  • Freeze Thaw Capable 
  • Gluten Free 
  • Kosher 
  • Halal 

During 2022 the Countrywide Advantage – InSeason Customer Rewards Program will feature: 

  • Farm Frites Seasoned Wedges 
  • Farm Frites Skin-On Wedges 
  • Farm Frites Potato Mash 
  • Farm Frites Chunky Triangle Hashbrowns 
  • Farm Frites Mini Chunky Hashbrowns 

Once you try these products, you will appreciate the taste and consistency of every bite.  Farm Frites select the best potato varieties and batches based on two criteria: pure potato taste; and consistent size. 

The key benefits of their Wedges are: 

  • Great taste – especially the Seasoned Wedges 
  • Consistent in size 

Their Potato Mash is a real winner and is already used in commercial kitchens across Australia. Key features include: 

  • Simply pure mashed potato 
  • IQF frozen pellets are easy to use and enable portion control 
  • Super quick and easy to prepare – 7 minutes in a Combi Oven. 
  • Light and fluffy texture 
  • Perfect on its own, or season to your liking 
  • Gluten Free 

Their Hashbrowns taste great, and the chunky format gives you the fantastic combination of: 

  • Crispy brown exterior 
  • Moist potato interior 
  • A less oily finish 

Farm Frites Australia will launch their new website in 2022 – In the interim please view the linked product brochure for more information.