WIN with Caboolture Mozzarella

Legend has it, Mozzarella was created by accident way back in the 1st century in Southern Italy. Following the fortuitous dropping of a few cheese curds into a pale of hot water, voilà, or as the Italians say, ‘ecco’, Mozzarella was discovered. Thankfully Saputo are still creating wonderful Mozzarella with the same imagination but nowadays with more sophisticated machinery and a few added steps.

Saputo Dairy Australia are offering you a foodservice exclusive premium stretched curd Mozzarella in a diced shred format, delivered in a 2x6kg carton. Stretched curd Mozzarella is made using the traditional Mozzarella making technique. Stretching the Mozzarella during production improves the stretch of the finished product when used for cooking. Its diced shred format is designed to sit between ingredients on a pizza to bind the toppings together and allow for better portion control reducing ingredient costs. The combination of Caboolture Mozzarella production technique and shred format make this Mozzarella the ultimate pizza cheese.

Caboolture premium Mozzarella is a great choice for those chefs who want an even, mild flavour that compliments and does not dominate other flavours through their dish. Along with its pale-yellow colouring and smooth texture, Caboolture Mozzarella offers optimal melt characteristics that produce satisfying blistering.

It is important to use Mozzarella in its optimal usage window. If used when too young the cheese will melt poorly, its stretch will be limited, and the flavour profile will not be fully developed. If used when it is too mature the cheese will become very soft, it may slide off pizza and oiling may occur. With these considerations in mind Caboolture Mozzarella is released with a shelf life that will ensure you are always receiving good quality Mozzarella that should be performing within an optimal usage window.

Made with no animal rennet, this cheese is Halal certified and is also perfect for those who want a delicious and safe vegetarian option. The benefits do not stop there, this Mozzarella is also gluten free!

To add to the excitement of finding your ultimate Mozzarella, from 8th of April until 30th of June 2024, if you purchase a carton of Caboolture Mozzarella 2x6kg you have a chance to find a Golden Ticket inside the carton valued from $1,000 – $5,000 (2x $5,000, 5x $2,000 & 15 x $1,000 available to be found). Over the 3 months the Golden Tickets will be dropped into cartons at random and dispersed to an array of distributors across Australia. There is a total of 22 Golden Tickets to be discovered with a prize pool of $35,000. Visit for full T&C’s.

As Australia’s largest dairy processor, Saputo prides itself on being an essential part of every professional kitchen. Caboolture premium mozzarella is a high-quality ingredient with reliable and consistent performance. For over 20 years, Caboolture premium Mozzarella has been used in professional kitchens throughout Australia. Try it for yourself and find out why today!

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