The Taste of Japan

Kikkoman has been naturally brewing soy sauce for over 300 years and remains the No.1 selling soy sauce in Japan, Australia and the world.

The taste is richer and more complex, due to over 300 flavour and aroma components being created while it is naturally brewed over several months.

The harmonious combination and subtle balance of the five basic flavours of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami (savoury) are what give Kikkoman soy sauce its delicious taste and its versatility. It is the perfect substitute for salt adding that extra depth of flavour and to Asian, Western and Fusion cuisines. It is Kikkoman complex Umami deliciousness that brings that flavour wow factor to your dish.


[Chef’s Tips]

• Kikkoman soy sauce intensifies the flavour of grilled or slow cooked meats, seafood and sauces when used as a seasoning.
• Increase the intensity of flavour to your base stocks and marinades, with a splash of Kikkoman soy sauce.
• Use as a substitute to salt, it enhances the flavours of all of the ingredients.
• Mix soy sauce with marmalade and olive oil and brush over chicken before roasting.
• Frying mushrooms add a splash of Kikkoman for a real flavour boost.
• Kikkoman soy sauce adds a salted caramel flavour to desserts.
• Kikkoman soy sauce is only made from four natural ingredients [wheat, soybean, water and salt] *[ Rice] is used instead of wheat in our Gluten-Free soy sauce.
• Kikkoman Soy Sauce retains its flavour once heated.
• Add an Umami flavour kick to roasted vegetables by adding a splash of Kikkoman soy sauce.

This article has been provided by the team at Kikkoman.