The conscious choice for Aussie cafes? That’s the Barista’s Choice 

Vitasoy has believed in the power of plants for over 80 years, and we’ve been making plant-milk at our Australian manufacturing site in Wodonga, VIC since 2001. In that time, a lot has changed, but one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to Australian grown, and Australian made. 

We’re a company built on the foundations of making positive contributions to society. In a world full of glitz, fads, and trends, we stand for something different. 

And that’s what Barista’s Choice by Vitasoy is all about – the best Australian-grown milks, produced the right way, to match the world-class quality of the Australian coffee scene. 

We want to let the industry behind the curtain, and show how every time you choose Vitasoy, you’re actively contributing to growing a better Australian community – supporting Aussie farmers and agriculture, delivering incremental steps towards a more sustainable future, and giving something back to society. It’s a small act that makes a big difference. 

Vitasoy Australia employs an Australian-first sourcing strategy on all our nuts, grains, and beans that we use to make our range of almond, oat, and soy milk, and consequently, we are tightly connected with regional farmers throughout Australia with some long-standing relationships that span more than 20 years. 

As a leader in developing sustainable, plant-based foods, we’re about putting words into action. We know that issues around packaging and environmental impact are some of the biggest pain-points for conscious consumers and businesses, and there is growing demand for action at all levels to reduce waste and help us all tread a little more lightly when it comes to consumption of Earth’s resources.  

That’s why we’ve made the choice to enact positive change, starting with our packaging. First, the cartons are made with bio-based Craft paper from 100% FSC certified sources, and second, we’ve used plant-based caps which are made predominantly from sugar cane. The combined effect of these changes is a pack which is made from 85% renewable materials, and delivers a 17% reduction in carbon footprint, as certified by Carbon Trust.  

Whether it’s our commitment to Australian-grown and Australian-made, our efforts to champion sustainable practices, or our enduring partnership with CafeSmart, you can be confident that Barista’s Choice by Vitasoy really is the conscious choice for Australian cafés.