Five reasons to use IQF vegetables in your kitchen

Individually quick freezing (IQF) is a method that prevents large ice crystals forming inside the cells of a product. This means each piece keeps its shape, colour, flavour and aroma, resulting in a better quality product compared to block freezing.

Simped Foods has over 50 years’ experience in processing, packing and supplying IQF fruit and vegetables, with its Sunnyside brand proudly displayed on product that meets strict quality criteria. You will be familiar with their popular and versatile berries and fruits, but have you checked out their huge range of vegetables?

With hospitality businesses around Australia battling labour shortages, supply chain issues and rising food costs, here are five reasons why it makes sense to keep IQF vegetables on hand:

1. Consistency

Fresh vegetables vary in availability, quality and price, depending on the season, and supply can also be affected by natural disasters like storms, floods and fires. IQF products are of consistently high quality and pricing is stable, with a shelf life of 12 months in the freezer.

2. Convenience

Labour shortages often mean a lack of skilled staff in the kitchen to prepare food before service. IQF vegetables are already peeled, cut and good to go for a wide range of cooking methods. There is also less time spent on ordering, receiving and storing goods, which cuts down on labour costs and frees up your team for other tasks.

3. Cost

IQF vegetables are more cost effective kilo for kilo than their fresh counterparts, especially when labour is taken into account. The yield of frozen vegetables is also far higher because there is no skin, stems or unwanted leaves included.

4. High Nutritional Value

Because they are frozen immediately after harvesting, IQF vegetables often have more nutrients than fresh vegetables that have been transported further and stored for some time. The quick freezing process retains peak levels of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, and does not require preservatives to make the product shelf stable.

5. Sustainability

Using IQF vegetables means less waste at every step from farm to plate. Food produced at the farm is processed immediately and will not deteriorate, and there is also very little if any kitchen waste.

Chefs are often surprised by the flavour profile of IQF vegetables, which is often on par with fresh product. When used in cooked dishes, the difference is imperceptible, why not do a ‘taste test’ with some of your menu items and see! You’ll find that using Sunnyside IQF vegetables is good for the planet, your menu planning, your team and your bottom line.