Deliciousness meets stretchy goodness!

Legend has it, Mozzarella was created by accident way back in the 1st century in Southern Italy. Following the fortuitous dropping of a few cheese curds into a pale of hot water, voilà, or as the Italians say, ‘ecco’, Mozzarella was discovered. Thankfully we are still creating our wonderful products with the same imagination but nowadays engaging higher industry hygiene standards.
Saputo Dairy Australia are pleased to provide you with our Caboolture Shredded Mozzarella in a 6kg diced format, a Foodservice exclusive. For over 20 years, Caboolture Mozzarella has been used in professional kitchens throughout Australia.
This cheese is a great choice for those who want to enjoy an even, mild flavour that doesn’t dominate other flavours. With its pale-yellow colouring and smooth texture, our mozzarella also has optimal melt-and-stretch characteristics.
Made with no animal rennet, this cheese is also perfect for those who want a delicious and safe vegetarian option.
As Australia’s largest dairy processor, Saputo Dairy Australia prides itself on being an essential part of every professional kitchen.