Introducing batch No.5’s New Crew…popular crowd pleasers now in a convenient 2.3kg pail!  

It comes as no surprise that Foodfx’s batch No.5 continues to expand is popular range of mayonnaises and sauces to meet customer demands, condensed menus and market trends.

Joining best-selling batch No.5 Tomato Relish, Foodfx have launched the new batch No.5 2.3kg range of flavours. The perfect way to add more condiment choices and flavours to every menu.  

Available now in hit flavours: Mayo, Aioli, Tartare, Chipotle, Tomato Relish and introducing batch No.5 Burger Sauce, Ranch and Caesar Dressing. 

At a time of staff shortages, consumer reluctance, condensed menus and the ever-increasing cost of food supply…pack formats, value and ‘Australian Made’ are now more important than ever. The convenient size of the batch No.5 New Crew means less wastage and better value without substituting quality or flavour.  

While ‘bulk purchases’ have traditionally been key to value, the uncertainty of product turn-over means bigger isn’t necessarily better anymore. Smaller pack formats can offer a wider range of flavours for smaller menus but also a guarantee in freshness. Local, seasonal ingredients and products also help ensure consumer confidence. 

In a world where adaptability has become a key focus for business survival, Foodfx continues to lead the way, offering innovation and quality guarantee to the Australian food industry.  

Created by chefs, for chefs, Foodfx consistently sets the bar for industry standards when it comes to cutting edge ingredients & techniques to innovate and create fresh and healthy flavours. With over 40 mayos, sauces, condiments and meal bases in their portfolio, Foodfx has an established reputation for fine flavours and quality foods. 

The batch No.5 range is the ideal base to create delicious sauces and condiments and continues to provide exceptional value to customers without compromising a superior quality or consistency. Rich in taste and creamy in texture, batch No. 5 is also available in classic flavours including mayonnaises, japanese style mayo, ketchup and bbq sauce. 

Visit to see the full range, request a sample and discover why Foodfx is at the forefront of innovation in the Australian food industry.