Capitalise on the increasing demand for Grab and Go Sandwiches!

This article has been provided by the team at The Handmade Food Co.

The perception of pre-packaged food has evolved in Australia since COVID with consumers looking for convenience as well as peace of mind. Our pre-packaged sandwich options allow you to take advantage of the increase in “Grab and Go” food sales.

Your team visits the end-users who serve these consumers every day from petrol and convenience stores, coffee shops, golf clubs, pubs and clubs, schools, hotels and motels just to name a few. These sales will represent incremental growth for your business.

The benefits for Countrywide Members:

  • We proudly support your business through the Countrywide Advantage program.
  • Your current customer base is looking for pre-packaged food solutions.
  • Frozen pre-packaged sandwiches provide incremental revenue to your business through sales to your existing customer base.
  • All of our products have a minimum 6 months frozen shelf life.
  • We have a dedicated sales team that can help with new leads and information regarding our range including product samples.

The benefits to your customers:

  • Convenient food offer to take advantage of growing demand.
  • Frozen products offer control over wastage and minimal out of stocks.
  • Delicious products handmade using the best and freshest ingredients that once thawed taste like they are freshly made.
  • Premium quality ingredients sourced from Australian farmers and manufacturers.
  • Chef lead product creation ensuring our flavours are on trend and loved by the consumer.
  • Stringent quality testing process including micro testing on every production line every day before being released.

The Handmade Food Co is an Australian family-owned Sandwich Company and we are here to support you and your customers!

From Aussie classics like the Ham and Cheese Toastie and the Roast Beef, Cheese and Relish Sandwich to world inspired flavours like Roast Chicken & Sriracha Bacon Ciabatta, we offer many different products catering to the Australian market. At The Handmade Food Co our passion is creating great tasting, hand crafted food.
We would love to work with you and your team!

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