Polo Citrus Disinfectant Upgrade

Several months ago, Polo Citrus made the decision to upgrade all their disinfectants to be ‘Hospital Grade’. This is the highest level of disinfection approval that can be achieved through the TGA. Although a significant investment for Polo Citrus, Brett Aisen, Managing Director of Polo Citrus, understands how these new approvals will support the members and their sales process. ‘This is a really difficult time for everyone and we felt it was extremely important to add further value to the members of the Countrywide Group by ensuring we could supply Hospital Grade Disinfectants moving forward. Sanitisation and Disinfectants are certainly particularly important at the moment and we are sure will continue to be, so it’s essential we can supply the highest level of disinfection possible to the Countrywide Group and their customers’, he said.

Over the next few weeks, labelling for all disinfectants in the range from Polo Citrus will be upgraded and branded as Hospital Grade Disinfectants. To further improve this range, Polo Citrus will be upgrading several hand cleaners and surface sprays to be antibacterial. These changes are highly relevant in this climate, as you can well appreciate.

If you require any information regarding the upgrade of the Polo Citrus Cleaning Product Range, please call Brett Aisen on 0419 597 822.