Minor Figures Barista Oat: Made for Coffee Lovers and A Better Planet

At Minor Figures, they’re always chasing after the perfect cup of coffee. They started out in 2014 with a single carton of cold-brew and a couple of friends who just really like drinking espresso together. Their focus to start with was on making the perfect coffee bean and bringing specialty coffee to a wider audience.

As they have grown, they have drawn on their deep roots in the industry to identify gaps in the market. Their signature Barista Oat range was created specifically with their community of baristas and roasters in mind. They wanted to create a plant-based milk that would pair perfectly with a broad variety of specialty coffees across the flavour spectrum, taking into account the core elements of taste, texture and mouthfeel.

When a barista dials in their favourite roast, hundreds of hours of works has gone into making those beans what they are, from growing and harvesting to processing and roasting. Minor Figures Barista Oat celebrates this expertise and craftsmanship behind every cup. Designed to amplify rather than smother the tasting notes of the coffee it’s paired with, it makes for colourful, full-bodied coffees that expertly balance out the flavour profile of each espresso.

Rich and full-bodied, Barista Oat is 100% vegan and made with both coffee professionals and kitchen-table baristas in mind. It forms a silky microfoam when steamed, producing great coffees whether they’re being enjoyed in cafes, at home, or on the go.

Minor Figures is B Corp Certified and carbon neutral, offsetting all carbon emissions we produce over the course of doing business. The Minor Figures Barista Oat M*lk range is proudly produced locally right here in Australia.

They love teaming up with people as mad about coffee as they are and supporting local cafes. Catch them throwing community events ranging from lattes art throwdowns and Deep Tasting sessions to Freedays, a global series of events where they foot the bill for all lattes sold at independent cafes on select days.

Minor Figures Barista Oat can be found behind the counter at independent coffee shops all over the world and is now available via Countrywide.