Vesco Foods fantastic food solutions!

Vesco Foods is a frozen meals manufacturer specialising in unique product offerings that provide a food solution allowing you time to focus on other menu items. The ranges they produce are under the following brands – 7 Star, Enrico’s, On the Menu, Clever Cuisine, Super Nature, Lean Cuisine and Annabel Karmel. Within foodservice as your catering partner, Vesco Foods products suit a wide range of sectors including catering, mining, healthcare, education, petrol and convenience as well as general route trade. They take the hard work out of cooking by delivering a range of tasty, quality dishes that meet all different catering needs.  

 Vesco Foods products have been developed by a team of experienced, highly respected industry chefs, with a range of home-style recipes, made with quality ingredients and cooked to perfection. Choose from an extensive range of restaurant favourites, oven-baked and frozen in convenient portion sizes ready to be served. From large sized catering products, to individual heat and eat burgers as well as a large range of frozen ready meals, they have you covered for any event.  With massive labour shortage in the market, constant struggles to manage cost, consistency, allergen risks and overall lack of time –this entire range will provide a solution to overcome these challenges. 

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