Albert Pisconeri – Director


Albert Pisconeri is a Director of Pisconeri Fine foods & Wines which was established in 1962, operating in continental foods, wines and kitchenware, servicing Supermarkets, Café, Restaurant, Pizzerias, Bakeries and Corporate Caterers in the Western Australian food service market. Mr Pisconeri has been involved in the business since 1974 and has worked in all facets from finance, importing, foreign exchange, purchasing, supplier and customer relations, corporate governance, and compliance. Mr Pisconeri, is now focused on guiding the business, including the introduction of third-generation family members, towards a new era of end-user experience technologies including on-line ordering. Mr Pisconeri was appointed to the Board in October 2020 and is a member of the Performance Remuneration Committee (PRC). His aim is to further develop strategic opportunities leveraging his skills, experience, and knowledge to bring a diversity of thinking to the Board; whilst encouraging a close working relationship and alignment between the Countrywide national support office team, key strategic initiatives, and the western region Members that he proudly represents.