Retail Food Group Countrywide Food Service Distributors
Wednesday, 23 August 2017

RFG (Retail Food Group) Australia now joins Countrywide as a new Recognised Supplier. Under the company, Bakery Fresh and Roasting Australia will have their fantastic product range available for your purchase.

Bakery Fresh is a leading manufacturer of frozen and chilled bakery products specialising in the production of a variety of garlic breads for the Australian Foodservice & Grocery markets.

Roasting Australia is a leading coffee roasting facility that is committed to sourcing and roasting high quality, specialty coffee beans from plantations across the world. They are proudly associated with the Rainforest Alliance, ethically supporting the livelihood of farmers and their communities, while conserving the environment through sustainable agricultural practices. Roasting Australia is delighted to be partnered with Countrywide to showcase their award winning brands Roasted Addition and Café Palazzo to the foodservice market.

Contact your local Countrywide Distributor for more information on how you can order these products for your establishment.

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