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Now available in all HACCP Colours! What’s more? Find a HACCP Colour guide on the back of your CHUX Roll for easy reference. See the colour coding guide here.

CHUX Superwipes are uniquely safe to use in direct contact with food and are characterised with the ‘Chux’ watermark on the cloth.

What is HACCP?

HACCP Australia is a leading food service organization specialising in the HACCP Food Safety Methodology and it’s applications within the food and related non-food industries.

HACCP is a risk management methodology used by the food and related industries for the control of food safety hazards to acceptable risk levels.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.

All Chux Superwipes have been certified by HACCP Australia as Food Zone Primary (FZP), and therefore support your HACCP program needs for cloth wipes.

Food Zone Primary items are suitable for use in the food zone and are suitable and safe for direct food contact.

Examples of products that may be classified FZP are: Chux Superwipes, disposable gloves, probe thermometers, conveyor belts, crate covers, cutting machinery, piping bags, utensils, cutting boards, serving ware, ice making equipment, generators of ozonated water (where the ozonated water will come into contact with food), food vending machinery, to name a few.

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