wild breads australia
Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Welcome to Countrywide’s newest Recognised Supplier, Wild Breads.

Wild Breads is an Australian specialty wholesale bakery producing high-quality baked goods under the Sol Breads, Nomad Breads and Wild Breads brands.

Using age-old bread recipes and only the finest ingredients, our team of passionate bakers create European-style artisan breads and seasonal baked goods for every occasion.

Wild Breads operates a world-class baking facility committed to excellence in baking with exceptional hygiene and food safety standards. We deliver high quality and consistency across our entire range of specialty bread products.

Wild Breads food service provides an extensive range of authentic, artisan bread products including stone baked sourdough, gluten-free bread products, specialty flatbreads, rolls and more.

Our range offers variety and versatility to food service customers who crave innovative, on-trend and traditional bread products with consistent quality and reliable service.

See more here: https://wildbreads.com.au/food-services-au 

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