Thursday, 16 December 2021

As Xmas approaches entertaining season is in full swing. What better way to impress the crowds that to offer grazing platters. Easy for functions and a great menu offering for a time of year where people like to treat themselves.

Top Tips
– Ripeness of soft cheese varieties, like brie and camembert is key to their enjoyment. They are at their best when served close to the Best Before date and at room temperature.
– Choose at least one soft cheese (brie/camembert), one hard cheese (cheddar/parmesan) and one blue cheese
– Allow 30g of each cheese per person (no more than 120g)
– Arrange on a large platter or board with one knife per cheese

Country Wide Rewards – Specialty Cheese Collection
Saputo has a number of specialty cheeses available to you in the Country Wide Rewards program:

South Cape Brie 1kg
A complex rich, nutty flavoured Brie with a soft and creamy centre. Perfect for serving with fruit bread, fresh seasonal fruit or dried fruit such as dates and muscatels. Pair with sparkling or dessert wine.

South Cape Camembert 1kg
Has a slightly mild buttery flavour with a smooth texture. Great for pairing on a board with seedy crackers and seasonal fresh fruit. Pair with sparkling wine or Chardonnay.

Australian Gold Brie 115g
Is a creamy brie with a delicate flavour and deliciously creamy centre. Great for unknown purchasing environments with its 12 month shelf life. Perfect for serving baked with a drizzle of honey and sprigs of thyme.

Australian Gold Camembert 115g
This creamy Camembert has a subtle flavour and delightful creamy centre. Great for unknown purchasing environments with its 12 month shelf life. Serve stuffed in chicken, as a pizza topper or on a cheeseboard.


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