Reducing waste in your kitchen
Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Annually, four million tonnes of food is wasted in Australia, at a cost of around $10 billion every year – enough to feed around 60 million people. A staggering figure.

These issues have prompted many well-known chefs to share their methods of preventing food waste. Local and international cooks such as Matt Moran and Jamie Oliver have voiced their efforts to help minimise food waste.

  1. Turn your scraps into something more – Australian waste roughly 20% of food products they buy, so rather than mindlessly tossing, get creative and use your scraps for soups, broths, sauces, pestos and purees. Bones are great for flavourful stocks and sauces while broccoli stems and cauliflower stems are great in purees.
  2. Make use of the stems and leaves of fresh produce – make purees and dry leaves to make powders that add flavour to dishes.
  3. Using your freezer – The freezer is a super food waste reduction tool. Freeze fruits to make granitas and smoothies later and purees and stocks for defrosting.
  4. Use stale bread – Make them into breadcrumbs, toast the bread and then cut into croutons, or make a bread centred dessert, like bread and butter pudding.
  5. Save herbs – if you know they won’t be used straight away, chop them finely and place in an ice-cube tray, pour olive oil over them and freeze. You can easily add them to sauces whenever you need them.
  6. Have an organic waste bin – Organic waste can then go into producing compost, soil conditioner and mulch products.
  7. Pickle vegetables – Make a delicious pickling liquid, chop up your excess fresh veges and make delicious pickle for garnishing your future dishes!

Make your kitchen more environmentally friendly and start using these practices that will benefit your kitchen and the world, today.


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