Countrywide Food Service NH Foods
Thursday, 13 July 2017

Under NH Foods, Beef Producers Australia Pty Ltd join Countrywide as a new recognised supplier.

Specialising in meat, Beef Producers Australia have a fantastic range of premium grain-fed, chilled beef products, including frozen burger patties and lamb roasts. Some cuts include:

  • Rib & eye fillet
  • Sirloin & Rump
  • T-Bone

Using Beef Producers Australia products you can create mouth-watering centre of plate dishes like a traditional steak, killer burgers and hearty lamb roast with gravy and vegetables – all crowd pleasers! They guarantee their “Beef to be Tasty, Tender and Juicy every time”.

Please contact your local Countrywide Distributor for more information on how you can order these products.

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