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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Countrywide is happy to welcome new Recognised Supplier, Massel to our group.

When the founder made his first batch of stock in 1982, he wanted to make a delicious, healthy, affordable stock that could be used by everyone – regardless of dietary restriction, religious belief or lifestyle choice. He only wanted to use the best quality ingredients. Most of all he wanted to make an instant stock that tasted as delicious as his wife’s homemade stock. Massel now create a large range of high quality stock and gravy based products, from cubes, powder, liquid concentrate and more.

They place high importance on their customers’ health and peace of mind, maintaining the most rigorous standards to ensure that all factories are contamination free.

Massel food hygiene standards comply with the most stringent international food safety requirements as follows:

  • Fully certified to Food Safety System Certification 22000
  • Fully certified to the ISO 22000 standard for food safety management systems
  • HACCP certification demonstrates commitment to food safety
  • Fully compliant with the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

In addition:

  • Entirely gluten-free factory to prevent cross contamination
  • Massel do not use animal products and their factory is animal product free
  • Massel is Kosher Certified

For more information on their product range, please contact your local Countrywide Distributor.

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