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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

In today’s world, people have a multitude of food preferences. As a food establishment, it is very important to be aware of what constitutes different dietary choices so your menu can cater to, or be adaptable to popular needs and choices.

Making sure you label your menu appropriately gives diners a better overall experience at your establishment as they can make quick and easy meal choices. Add abbreviations or icons to your menu such as GF for Gluten Free so the options are distinguishable. To make things easier, try to make 1 or 2 dishes that cover a variety of dietary choices.

See some examples below:

  •  No meat, no poultry or no seafood – sometimes no egg.
  • Suitable dish:

Mediterranean mixed veg pasta, roast capsicum, olive oil, garlic, eggplant, olives and tomato with herbs. Also suits lactose free.

  • No meat, no poultry, no seafood • No eggs • No Milk, no cream, no cheese • No honey • No condiments or foods containing egg, oyster sauces, fish sauce, shrimp paste or chicken/meat stock
  • No chicken salt or other animal based seasoning
  • Suitable dish

Buddha Bowl – Avocado/guacamole, Sweet potato fries, Shallow-fried Tofu in paprika salt and pepper, hommus, chopped salad of tomato, red onion, cucumber, corn. Also suits lactose free, vegetarian and gluten free.

  • No Grain and no wheat-based food (rice, quinoa, pasta, bread) • No Beans and no lentils • No refined sugars • No potato (all varieties) • No dairy
  • Suitable dish:

Chicken salad with avocado, herbs, red onion, mixed leaves, savoy cabbage and pine nuts with lemon olive oil seasoning. Suits gluten free also.

Gluten Free:
  • No wheat or wheat-based foods (e.g. oats, barley, farro, semolina, rye, malt, breads, pastas, pastries) • No Soy Sauce (unless GF variety is used) • No foods cooked in oil used to prepare gluten-containing foods
  • Suitable dish:

Spring vege bowl with roast carrots, cabbage, broccolini, brown rice, halloumi and hommus – add meats if desired. Suitable to vegetarians with no meat additions and lactose free.

Lactose Free:
  • No milk, no cream, no cheese and no yoghurt containing lactose (or any products containing these ingredients)
  • Suitable dish:

Guacamole and eggs on sourdough.


Keeping on top of food trends and consumer choices is key to the success of your establishment. Getting them wrong can do your establishment a lot of damage and risks customers’ health. Contact your local Countrywide Distributor to discuss products that will assist in providing a Dietary Choices Friendly menu.

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