Countrywide Food Service Distributors
Thursday, 28 June 2018

FreshFood Services is a leading Australian coffee manufacturer who specialises in providing complete business coffee solutions for your business. Countrywide welcomes them on board as a new Recognised Supplier.

They have been transforming premium beans into exquisite coffee for over 60 years and produce many of Australia’s leading brands including The House of Robert Timms, Bushells Coffee, Picco, Café-Bar and Europa (only available in Australia).

Whatever your needs, FreshFood Services can provide you with the coffee, equipment and service you need to help grow your business.

They are the only company in Australia providing coffee in all its forms. From coffee beans to roast and ground coffee, their unique coffee bags to pulverised and soluble coffee.

FreshFood is a proud member of Australian Coffee Traders Association Inc. (ACTA).  ACTA represents the Australian coffee industry and continuously strives to improve standards, provide a platform for education and promote the image of coffee and was involved in the successful negotiations of the exclusion of coffee from GST. FreshFood is a SQF and HACCP accredited Food Manufacturing Facility.

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