Coventry Seafoods Countrywide
Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Countrywide welcomes new Recognised Supplier, Coventry Seafoods to the team.

The Best Seafood creations start with quality Seafood from a supplier you can trust. A supplier that has an ethical and sustainable approach to sourcing the best seafood for your table.

Today, Coventry Seafoods is one of the leaders in the sourcing and supply of quality frozen seafood to the Australian market. They source their quality products worldwide with seafood from suppliers all over the world.

With their Seafood expertise, and the superior service of the team, they are an industry leader dedicated to the supply of the Best Seafood from around the world.

See their Facebook page here: @coventryseafoods

To order products from Coventry Seafoods, please contact your local Countrywide Distributor.

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