Countrywide takeout Pizza Hut award for best distribution transition
Thursday, 27 February 2020

For the first time as a new distributor to Pizza Hut Australia, Countywide was invited to attend the 2020 Pizza Hut Supplier Day. While the day was a great insight into the current and future happenings within the Pizza Hut business, the highlight for CW was when Phil Reed (Pizza Hut CEO) and Han Xiao (Pizza Hut Supply Chain Planner) presented their Partnership Award to Countrywide, accepted by Karina Ernst (General Manager, National Customer Contracts) and Madison Fullerton (National Customer Contracts Manager) for the “best distribution transition, ever”. Since going live in WA at the end of September 2019 with CW Distributor, Superstock Food Services, this award is a testament to the determination and focus that the CW National Customer Contracts team puts on delivering the promise and follow through of partnership.

Well done to the CW National Customer Contracts team and Aaron Griffith, Dale Murray and the team at Superstock.

Photo (L to R): Han Xiao, Madison Fullerton, Karina Ernst and Phil Reed

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