Aussie Plant Milks blended for a Barista’s best
Thursday, 6 May 2021

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A local Aussie success story, The Alternative Dairy Co. is dedicated to developing the best tasting and performing range of plant-based milks to allow baristas to showcase their latte skills. With plant milks on the rise in cafés around the country, The Alternative Dairy Co. have quickly generated a head of steam within the café scene with its Australian-made and home-grown oat and almond milks leading the charge.

The Alternative Dairy Co. updated its original almond milk formulation last year to rave reviews, featuring a more neutral flavour and creamier mouthfeel when paired with barista-made brews. They are now turning up the heat on the competition with its newly improved soy milk.

Taking cues from the new almond, The Alternative Dairy Co. threw down the challenge to its master milk blenders to create a creamier, more stable soy milk with a neutral flavour and unbeatable performance in barista-made beverages – and boy have they delivered!

Offering a range of three plant-based milks means The Alternative Dairy Co. can take insights learned from one product and apply it to another. The success of their barista oat milk led to a tweak to its barista almond milk, which in turn has encouraged them to do the same with barista soy milk. Not one to rest of their laurels, the team are now looking into additions to the range to build on the rapid success of the brand.

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