Countrywide are guided by a professional Board of Directors, who have extensive knowledge of the industry from owning and operating their own food service businesses.


Doug Mateljan Countrywide Food Service Distributors

Doug Mateljan – Chairman

Mr. Mateljan first became involved in food service distribution when he purchased Craven Foods, Bunbury in January 2000. The business has received 3 AFMA awards and 5 FSAA awards. After joining the Countrywide group in 2000 as a Member, Mr. Mateljan was elected onto the Countrywide Board in 2004. His initial portfolio was Chairman of the Marketing Committee, followed by subsequent appointments as Chairman of the Finance Risk and Audit Committee, until December 2013. Mr. Mateljan was appointed Deputy Chairman in January 2011 before taking on the Chairman’s role in December 2013. As Chairman Mr. Mateljan recognises Countrywide’s rich history and is overseeing a period of sustained record growth and results for the Members and the Group. Mr. Mateljan has introduced new Board standards, education and the development of Directors’ individual skills. He is also currently Chairman of the Performance and Remuneration Committee.


Damien Mahon Countrywide Food Service Distributors Board of Directors

Damien Mahon – Deputy Chairman

Mr. Mahon is Managing Director of Athian Pty Ltd. trading as Midwest Foods and is based in Dubbo in central west NSW. Mr. Mahon was appointed to the Board of Countrywide in February 2004 and is currently the Deputy Chairman of Countrywide, Chairman of the Finance Risk and Audit Committee and sits on the Performance Remuneration Committee. His previous roles on the Countrywide Board include Purchasing Advisory Group and Chairman of the I.T. Committee. Mr. Mahon originally served on the Countrywide Board from June 1996 to October 1998 and previously held positions on the Eastern Region Executive Committee for many years. Mr. Mahon is passionate about improving business performance by empowering the team and encouraging lateral thinking backed up by detailed strategic planning to identify and capitalize on new opportunities as they arise to continually grow a sustainable business.


Anna Tengstrom – Director

Mrs. Tengstrom has held her position as Director since her appointment in 2008. She has a wealth of knowledge of the food service industry, having operated as Managing Director of K and A Foods in Finley for over 28 years. Prior to this position, Mrs. Tengstrom gained considerable experience within the insurance industry, working 10 years in sales and underwriting for CIC Insurance and for insurance broker Peter L. Brown and Assoc. in the Riverina District. She has served on the Countrywide Southern Region Executive Committee over the past 17 years. Mrs. Tengstrom is passionate about local community development, having held executive positions with the Chamber of Commerce, local sporting clubs and schools. Her involvement with Berrigan Shire Council has led to working on various projects including Young Achievement Australia and Tourism on the Murray River program. Mrs. Tengstrom is currently a Member of the Finance Risk and Audit Committee.


Sebastian Galipo Countrywide Food Service Distributors Board of Directors

Sebastian Galipo – Director

Mr. Galipo has 34 years’ experience in the food wholesaling industry including his involvement with Countrywide Australasia beginning as Deputy Chairman on Countrywide’s incorporation in early 1996. Mr. Galipo was re-appointed as a Director in January 2000 and served on various Board sub-committees before becoming Chairman for seven years from 2003 to 2009. In 2008, he was instrumental in the formation of the Countywide Super Group and still continues his role as Chairman of the Super Group. Mr. Galipo is the Managing Director of Galipo Food Co., started in 1983 with a few domestic appliances in his garage, now employing 130 staff with 42 delivery trucks. Very proud of his staff, he attributes winning the 2014, 2016 and 2017 FSAA National Distributor of the Year awards as well as numerous SA Metro Distributor of the Year awards, to their efforts. In 2015, they were a finalist in the Ethnic Business Awards and in 2017 he was a finalist in the SA Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and inducted into the FSAA Hall of Fame.


Mike Peberdy Countrywide Food Service Distributors Board of Directors

Mike Peberdy – Director

Mr. Peberdy is Managing Director of Moco Food Services, formerly Queensland Frozen Food Services (QFFS). He entered the foodservice industry when he acquired a shareholding of QFFS in 2002. His leadership transformed the business into an industry leader through the use of technology and strong organic growth. Moco has received many industry awards including FSAA’s National Distributor of the Year Award on 2 occasions and in September this year won the award for Queensland Metro. Mr. Peberdy is a believer in building the strength of independent businesses and is a passionate advocate of buying groups. He was previously a director of Combined Foodservices Australia (CFA) and a leading member of NAFDA. Mr. Peberdy’s focus as a Director of Countrywide since joining the Board in July 2016, is to ensure that we have clear strategy, strong financial reporting and a plan to grow the human capital both in our membership and the management team. He is currently a member of the Finance Risk and Audit Committee.


Bruce Frith Countrywide Food Service Distributors Board of Directors

Bruce Frith – Director

Mr. Frith has been involved in the Foodservice industry for 44 years, 42 years of this as Managing Director of his family business Tasfresh Foodservice. Tasfresh is a true family business with Mr. Frith’s wife Judy having been there for the entire journey, son Andrew, his wife Kelly, daughter Belinda and her husband Scott all active in the business. Tasfresh has 5 depots across Tasmania, 3 being full Foodservice with direct to the public food markets attached, a fresh fruit and vegetable depot and a butchering facility with the capacity to breakdown and portion control meat. Tasfresh employs 150 staff and has 30 temperature controlled vehicles delivering within Tasmania. Mr. Frith is a founding member of Countrywide and has previously served on the Countrywide Board for 6 years from 1996 through to 2002, his primary role being Finance Director. Over the past 42 years Mr. Frith has been involved as a Director in other business activities and also on various sporting bodies as either an active participant or at a Board or committee level.


Matthew Kailis – Director

Mr. Kailis has worked in the food service industry since 1990 at Kailis Bros. which was established in 1926 by his grandfather, George P Kailis. Prior to that, Mr. Kailis was involved in the finance industry. Based at the head office of Kailis Bros Foods in Perth, Western Australia, Mr. Kailis oversees its national and international operations in his capacity as CEO and Managing Director. Kailis Bros Foods has been recognised with various industry awards including the prestigious Woolworths Supplier of the Year 2016. Mr. Kailis has held and continues to hold various Directorships both domestically and internationally. He has served on Audit and Remuneration Committees and has Chaired Board Meetings. A founding member of Combined Foodservices of Australia (CFA), Mr. Kailis has been a Director on the Countrywide Board since July 2016. Mr. Kailis is passionate about the food service industry and its development. His core approach to business are key values of integrity, long-term collaboration, innovation and outstanding service.


Joey Polio Countrywide Food Service Distributors Board of Directors

Joey Pollio – Director

Mr. Pollio has had a lifetime in the foodservice industry. In 1995, Mr. Pollio had the opportunity to work in his father’s business for five years, prior to the business being sold in early 2000. In late 2001, Mr. Pollio co-founded 5 Ways Foodservice where the focus was on importing Mediterranean style products. 5 Ways grew rapidly in the early years. In 2006 it was awarded by the BRW the number 1 upstart business in Australia. Now 17 years later, the business remains stronger than ever, with a fleet of 30 transport vehicles and 135 employees. Mr. Pollio has previously held Board positions with NAFDA and Combined Food Australia (CFA). He has been a Director on the Countrywide Board since July 2016. Mr. Pollio brings with him a wealth of experience in the areas of food importing and exporting. He has a passion for marketing and looks for the point of difference. Continually keeping the big picture in mind, Mr. Pollio works collaboratively while being strategically focused, thus complimenting the dynamic nature of the Countrywide Board.

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