MunchMonitor is a management system that provides parents/students with online ordering and cashless cards for school canteens, uniform shops and other school services. The computerised solution provides an simple and quick way for parents or students to order online with the order then sent straight to the school’s system. It also offers school canteens a seamless system for processing and fulfilling orders, increasing canteens efficiency and saving time and resources.

The MunchMonitor system was built at the beginning of 2007 after spending hundreds of hours volunteering in school canteens. Wanting to build the best and most efficient system for parents and schools, it was important to see how things were done. Twelve months later the system was complete and it began operating with its very first school customer.

The system proved extremely popular with parents and canteens alike and we have now grown to servicing 133 schools and processing over 5,000,000 orders annually.


Watch the video below to see how MunchMonitor works!

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